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My Plan for Fire

    Make it a top priority at every funding opportunity and conversation.

  1. Work through budgeting.

  2. Adapt staff to pursue grant opportunities.

  3. Collaborate with State and Federal Agencies.

Find markets for wood products, chips and small logs.

  1. Confer with industry groups to develop markets.

  2. Inspire landowners to take chips and other products.

  3. Act to incentivize or subsidize reasonable uses.

    Create a consortium of engaged individuals to take part in new and existing efforts to collaborate.

  4. Meet with every stakeholder.

  5. Provide constituents with information.

  6. Connect leaders and organizations to create synergy.


Fire is ravaging our state. The fuel loading in the Sierra is at an all-time high, while tree mortality is rising based on higher average temperatures and insect blight. Because we work and play in our local forests and our neighborhoods are surrounded by forests, the threat of wildfire is a top priority. From an environmental perspective, nothing is more devastating than fire. It destroys the streams and water quality, creates erosion, and removes all the trees, animals and ecosystems.

The fire threat is a community-wide problem. Nevada County, the Fire Safe Council, Cal Fire, the USFS, and large landowners must work together. No one entity will affect the change we now need to make to protect ourselves. It is a collective effort. I will work to connect the agencies, landowners, and state and federal resource agencies.

As Supervisor, I will use long-standing relationships with those parties working to reduce the threat of wildfire and find markets for wood product utilization. Creating markets for co-generation fuels, small logs, and other wood byproducts is the key to creating affordable treatment plans on a large scale.

I have already met with Steve Frisch of the Sierra Business Council, Stacy Caldwell with the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, representatives from Truckee Fire, Cal Fire, the USFS, and retired professionals who are deeply engaged in local fuels management efforts, as well as long time operators who treat and manage fuels. Jennifer Montgomery, Director of the, Governor’s Forest Management Task Force, is a local resource, having started begun her career here in District 5. I have reached out to Jennifer in an effort contribute and participate in this group.

My experience in the forestry industry working directly with communities in Nevada County, Placer County and large communities affected by wildfire in San Bernardino and Los Angeles County gives me the needed acumen to understand the problem at a tangible level. Having worked for Pacific Gas and Electric, as well as Eugene Water and Electric and Southern California Edison, in both transmission and distribution fuels management, I understand the challenges communities face with large utility landowners, and I will work to hold them accountable and responsible to our community, our county and our local land owners.

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